The tour begins August 10, 2013

I've ridden bikes, but I wouldn't consider myself a biker. The reasons I planned this trip are as serendipitous as the reasons I'm posting this website.

I'm asking for money, with a light-hearted intent. Some people give money, some give time. Many give both. I invite family, friends and colleagues to consider my trek. I'm fundraising for the fun of it. I'm using methods I've developed for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

I'm developing tools for collaboration that I'd like to share. I ask for your support only so far as I have or can be supportive of you, personally and professionally. Don't feel a cash donation is urgent or necessary.

I'm a believer in 'pay it forward.' I simply post this page as an outlet for support. I appreciate any and all contributions (monetary or otherwise). My biggest gain is a connection or referral.

I look forward to your success.

Beer Me

 $7 - Thanks for the beer. Cheers to you!
 $15 - Have a Pitcher. You made my day!
 $25 - Dinner too? That IS enjoyable.
 $50 - Hip, hip, hooray!
 Other: $ Every little bit helps.

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