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Give a Hoot

In a recent integration, I worked with Sophie to provide 3 social media channels to EDA Direct. Sophie branded LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages and managed the project. To reduce manual posting, a Hootsuite account was established to post the content of an RSS feed generated from events and training data that lived in the website database. As the database is updated with new records, the content (including titles, dates and registration links) is added as new RSS posts which are automatically added to the social media channels.

Have u noticed this?

With ever-lowering costs of bandwidth and computing, it's not surprising that the web is a massively custom experience. We all have unique profiles and signatures generated from our stored online and offline behaviors. Besides the big data plays of large corporations to increase the relevance of suggestions and solicitations, SMBs are becoming more saavy in collecting data on clients and prospects. Be sensitive to the use of the data you collect. In many instances, small businesses can be more effective than large corporations using guest lists for e-marketing, primarily because the business has established more relative goodwill and a closer relationship with the message recipients.

Welcome to The Linley Group

We'd like to welcome our most recent client, The Linley Group. In March 2014, Fab7 became IT service provider for the Mountain View firm — the leading supplier of independent technology analysis and strategic consulting in semiconductors. In June 2014, Fab7 became web host for the firm, migrating their site from another provider. The site is a collection of custom PHP pages with a content management system integrated more recently. Fab7 maintains the site and adds incremental functionality to streamline workflow and other processes.

To increase performance and storage for websites and e-mail, a new Fab7 cloud server was installed in June/July 2014 at Layer42, our Mountain View, CA co-location facility. Thanks to our clients for their support during this migration.

• CentOS 6.5
• Quad-core Intel Xeon
• 1 TB hard drive
• 16GB RAM
• horde webmail

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